Indoor Competition 2014 – 2015

Howdy guys and girls!

This year’s indoor competition just finished yesterday and Flying High had an AWESOME year! We started in November 2014 in 4th division, won everything and went up to 3rd division. Yeah! number 1. In December 2014, again, we won everything in 3rd division and went up to 2nd division. Yeah! number 2. Our goal for the 3rd competition day in January 2015 was to stay in 2nd division and we managed to do that! Yeah! number 3, and there was still room for improvement! So on 4th competition in February 2015, we were on FIRE!

Day 4. First match, we won from WAF, 12-8. Second match was against Force Electro (they came down from 1st division) and we had a very exciting match which ended in a draw, 11-11. Third game against Crunch 2. We had big difficulties against their zone defense on 3rd competition day (but we trained it!) and again it was very tense and ‘trading points’ game. They were up with 6-7 when we started our famous ‘last ten minutes’, and we won the game (a bit unexpected) with 14-8! At that moment we realized we could do something unexpected, we could win the 2nd division! We went to see Force Electro against WAF and WAF helped us a bit. They won, and without playing the last game we were already first. Ofcourse we wanted to beat DDT, to have our revenge from 3rd competition day. And we did. Again a close and very friendly game. Trading points until 8-8, but in the end we won with 12-9.

So, if there would have been another indoor competition day left, we should have started in 1st division. A (just for fun) goal we set in November 2014, when we started in 4th division. We never thought it was a realistic goal, but looking back: it seems it was. :-))

Let’s try to copy this in outdoor competition 2015. And even more important, to have at least as much fun as we did this indoor season!