Membership Fees


The basic membership fee consists of 2 parts, the Flying High & NFB Membership Fee and the Training Fee. Competition Fees and Tournament Fees are not included. we have a special students fee. Check the details below!

Flying High & Dutch Frisbee Federation (NFB) Membership Fee:
For one year: 30,- euro.

When you practice with Flying High and/or (want to) play in the national competition with us (indoor or outdoor), you have to become a member, unless you are already a member of another frisbee club in The Netherlands. Every clubmember has to become a member of the NFB (Dutch Frisbee Federation).

Your membership is valid for one whole year, starting at September 1st and ending at August 31th next year.

Training Fee:
Outdoor AND Indoor training for a whole year, starting September 1st: 140,- euro.

You pay your Training Fee for one whole year, starting at September 1st and ending at August 31th next year.

If you become a member of Flying High we want you to play and train with us. To make that happen we hire a field for the outdoor training and a sportshall for the indoor training during winter.

Competition Fee:
Indoor Competition:
When? Four Sundays between November and February
To be paid in November.

Outdoor Competition: .
When? Four Sundays between March and June
To be paid in March.

Mixed Competition:
When? Three Sundays in September and October
To be paid in September.

Separate Competition License:
Why? Normally you sign up as a full team member but in case you can’t fully commit to the team but you want to be able to play an occasionally competition day? This is what you need! But, be aware. Only if the team needs extra players.

You only pay the Competition Fee if you decide to play competition with us.

Students Fee:
Flying High and NFB Membership: 30,– euro.
Outdoor AND indoor training for a whole year: 65,- euro.

If you decide you want to play frisbee with us (after some free ‘try out trainings’) you have to become a member of Flying High and the NFB. Besides that, we give you a BIG special students discount on the Training Fee! You only pay 65 euro for a whole year, which is more than 50% discount. Competition Fees are like above.